Welsh Fans Don’t Panic Remember 2011

It was all looking so good, 10-0 up after eight minutes but the second half was all England.

I’m still staring bleary eyed at twitter picture of the England team celebrating, with the score 21-16 emblazoned across smiling men in white shirts, it’s enough to make you weep.

Yes it feels like our world has ended, no Triple crown T shirt or Grand Slam key ring this year.

Ok it was heartbreaking, and in a effort to get some sleep tonight  I’ve found some solace by delving into recent history.

Don’t panic ! The last time we played England, at the millennium Stadium, on a Friday night was in 2011, and we lost..

AND, if you recall, we reached the Rugby World Cup Semi finals that year, so if karma comes in to play, and tip tackles allowing, book your seat to see Wales in the World Cup final in Twickenham later this year.

And now that England have been lulled into a false sense of security we can look forward to 26 September 8pm at Twickenham for the World Cup Pool game.

Hang on in there and try to get some sleep, just think how poor Sam must feel tonight.

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