The Perfect 10 As Messi Mesmerises Munich

The day dawns on a bright sunny blue sky Catalan morning, the coffee and croissants tastes even better today, as the morning papers confirm that the magic we witnessed last night was not a dream



Last night  the packed Nou camp bathed in blue and red in the balmy evening air had witnessed two giants of the football world parading their wonderful skills, in a match that had you salivating with delight at the skills and endeavour on show

With 14 minutes left in this pulsating game, Bayern Munich looked poised to face the second leg of this European Champions league semi final all square at 0-0

This first leg played in front of a frenzied crowd  was a breath taking lung bursting affair

The match started at an incredible pace end to end stuff that resembled a school playground encounter, or a five a side game

Amazingly Bayern started the match with three at the back, Suarez Messi and Neymer could not believe their eyes at the amount of space they were being given

Barcelona could have been three nil up before Pep Guardiola saw sanity, and reverted to a more orthodox back four after 15 minutes of madness

So 14 minutes left the Barca fans thinking about the 2nd leg, and the daunting prospect of having to Beat Bayern at home but, and there can always be a but in the Nou Camp, the magical little Argentinian in the number 10 shirt had other ideas

Bayern sweeper keeper Manuel Neuer’s hurried free-kick gifted Barcelona the lead,and as possession was turned over, the Argentina forward took advantage of a pocket of space to fire home.


If Messi’s first was preventable, his second was irresistible as he left Boateng floundering and deftly lifted the ball over the giant frame of Neuer.


Not content with his two goal blitz, Messi threaded the ball through the eye of a needle for Neymar to hammer home Barca’s third. Three goals in thirteen minutes, and memories made for a lifetime

A perfect 10, Lionel Messi  

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