Adios Eastbourne

Eastbourne 011

The last seagull flies South giving a wing waggle as it soars away from Devonshire park which his been a happy feeding ground for him, and his family, all this week at the Aegon International tennis tournament.

Eastbourne 062

There is something magical about this event even when half the top seeds withdraw at various stages of the tournament

Eastbourne 049

It is like stepping back in time, the Italian ice cream parlour, the fish and chip restaurant, the old fashioned pubs not sanitised by big corporate chains, and not decorated with pots and pans and old bikes that make you feel you are sitting in a skip

Eastbourne 057

The players amble past unladen of massive security stopping to chat in the street or on the prom .


Wimbledon starts in two days time and although it has its own charm the joy of Eastbourne cannot be surpassed in so many levels

The results of this week are of course relevant but just keep this atmosphere and keep this sunny weather and bottle it for evermore

Eastbourne 022

Thank you to my dear seagull friend and his family who woke me up every morning around 4am to the sound of the sea and to bright blue skies

But most of all Thank you Eastbourne, and if we are all spared lets do it all again next yearCIhGDt6WoAArjob


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