SportsDragons Monday Night Roar

The Green Green Grass Of Home

As you push your mower over your lush patch of lawn next weekend, stop and think how much of your sporting joy, and sorrow, is played out on the wonderful green surface provided by this miracle of nature.

Tom Jones sang about the “green green grass of home” when Cardiff Arms Park was more like Flanders and Swans “mud mud glorious mud”, and I recall treading the Twickenham turf in the seventies where the length of the grass came up over your ankles.

How things have changed ! today’s technology provides top quality surfaces for all sports, that we can only aspire to create in our own “back yard”, and whilst I can manage to create a stripey lawn, unlike the top groundsmen of the sporting world, my efforts are hampered by defecating foxes ,who also manage to deposit enough paper and bin bag contents, on a nightly basis, to make it look like a post match Argentinian football ground.

The wonderful emerald baize like appearance of the playing fields at Eastbourne, Wimbledon and the Euro 2016 venues, with the exception of the marshes of Lille, provide great playing conditions as well as add a wonderful visual dimension to our fields of dreams.

The green green grass of home welcomed back the Wales football squad, from France, last Thursday, well actually it was the grey grey tarmac of Cardiff airport, but none the less, the  scenes in the capital were unparalleled, as thousands lined the streets before the cavalcade headed to Cardiff City stadium, where 30,000 fans became as manic as the street preachers that entertained them musically, before the squad received a rapturous reception that I believe could be heard from the top of Snowdonia

One person guaranteed to avoid any “gardening leave” for quite some considerable time is Wales manager Chris Coleman, the way he conducted himself throughout Euro 2016, particularly in front of the worlds media, was impressive to say the least, and I’m sure there will be many tempting offers ,from big clubs worldwide, for his services, but “Cookie” is contracted to Wales Until 2018, so let’s hope he stays put, and steers Wales to the World Cup finals in Russia, the grass is not always greener on the other side.

But one thing is for sure, the garden looks rosy for Welsh international football, As for me well I think I’d better go and clear up after those pesky foxes.

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