Citius, Altius, Fortius

Cities, Altius, Fortius is the Latin motto of the Olympic movement, or Faster, Higher, Stronger to us secondary modern educated folk.

We didn’t study Latin, but our old school motto was “Labor Omnia Vincit” which translates to “Work conquers all” an irony I’m sure that would not be lost on all the teachers that had the misfortune to attempt to educate me.

Well there are plenty of Russian athletes who have got pretty high already, and unless you have been in hibernation over the last few weeks, you will be familiar with the daily news updates as we watch the Olympic Games’ credibility heading towards the horizon with its bottom on fire.

Sample tampering and  mouse holes sound like the essential ingredients for a John le Carre novel, or a Tom and Jerry cartoon, but as is often the case, fact on this occasion is stranger than fiction, as the lid, quite literally, came off the Sochi doping samples scandal

But now the International Olympic Committee themselves are extracting the urine, after their shocking decision to allow Russia to Compete at Rio 2016.

It appears that most sports have been affected by the state sponsored doping programme,  but surely the Russian national football team cannot  be accused of taking performance enhancing drugs after their abject displays at Euro 2016, but the blanket use of sedatives cannot be ruled out.

So as bottles of night nurse fly off the shelves in downtown Moscow, those of us who love sport a little bit more than maybe we should, have been let down once again by the custodians of our precious commodities.

With the Rio Olympics only days away, the thought of a whole host of drug cheats taking the Olympic oath at the opening ceremony, fills me with anger and  sadness, perhaps we should re name it the hypocritical oath.

After the scandals involving FIFA and the IAAF who can we trust ? The IOC themselves , in May of this year, were informed by French proseccutors that they were under investigation over the bidding process for the 2020 Olympic games, awarded to Tokyo.

One of the concerns is an alleged  1.3 million Euro payment made to an account linked to a former IOC committee member.

So amidst these damaging times of doping and corruption scandals, the IOC has decided to focus on a clamp down of athletes using Olympic related phrases and words, in social media during the games, and have promised to deal with these offences in a firm manner, the ultimate sanction being the forfeit of any medals won.

Appeasing multi million pound donating sponsors appears to be much more important to the IOC, than the image and reputation of sport, and the Olympic movement.

Poor old Pierre de Coubertin, the founder of the modern day Olympics, must be getting very dizzy with all the rotation he is having to undertake these days.


As this article was put to bed ,the IOC announced a new procedure that could lead to Russian  athletes being banned from the games, just hours before the opening ceremony, undoubtedly this has has come about as the result of the global outcry to their original verdicts….. The farce continues


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