Rio 2016 My View From The Armchair

Live television, and particularly live sporting television, despite being made to look effortless by the consummate professionals, is far from easy.

My sympathies go out to all those who have made a comment, or reacted in all good faith to the events unfolding in front of them, only for it all to backfire 

The public reaction in this world of instant social media can be brutal and merciless, as Rio 2016 has all too readily proved.

John Inverdale has once again been at the sharp end, although on this occasion there has been a massive over reaction.

“Invers” makes live sports coverage look easy, and whether you love him or loathe him, when you have worked with him  you cannot fail to be impressed at how he juggles the demands of Multi sports events with coolness and generally, precision.

He is not the only one to receive critisism at Rio.

Not Alright On The Knight

Dear old  Sir Clive Woodward came in for some stick when he announced during Olympic commentary that “GB womens 7s team are a man short”, also he didn’t know whether to call the players girls or ladies and then further enraged much of the U.K.  by referring to team GB as England.

Manchester Or Maracana

The lottery of being a BBC radio commentator, do you get the joys of Rio,and the Copacabana, or do you suffer the Salford Samba and do your stuff from a Manchester studio. 

Either way it’s not all glamour,as Sonja McLaughlin confirmed on social media, whilst killing mosquitos in her Rio accommodation, with a hefty belt from a pair of havaianas.

Matt Finish

Matt Baker has discovered that gymnastics has brought out the beast in him.

Years of gently pastoral Sunday evenings, on Countryfile, have  finally taken their toll, and all his bottled up energy and excitement has been released in hyperactive proportions.

Nothing can whip Matt into an equivalent state of frenzy as canthe sight of a Team GB gymnast, although a rare breed centre in Argyle did once put him into an apoplectic explosion, just after John Craven disappeared on a fungi forage in the New Forest.

Lambing  will never replace the highs of Rio for poor Matt, but a few nights back on The One Show should bring his blood pressure back to safer levels.

So enjoy the rest of Rio 2016, and spare a thought for those behind the mics, and in front of the cameras.


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