Forget The World Cup Give Me The Six Nations Any Day

As Christmas and New Year drift away, my thoughts immediately turn to the six nations.

It has been this way for as long as I can remember.

This will be the 64th tournament in my lifetime and I am just as excited as I was for my first.

The history of this tournament, the rights of passage passed on by friends and family, and the memories of matches and weekends with people no longer with us, make it for me the best rugby tournament in the world.

Those of you of a certain age are guaranteed a smile or two as you scroll down the page revealing some iconic images and memories.



Black and white footage 

Bill McLaren

JPR with socks rolled down, stitches in one side of his face and blood running down the other side

Big moustached French front rows 

Pristine logo free international jerseys with the collars turned up

Match reports by JBG Thomas, John Reason and of course Stephen Jones

Twickenham car parks and wealthy car owners warming their claret on the bonnet of their vehicles with the engine running

Bobble hats leeks and watneys party fours

Saturday evening sports papers in colours of pink blue and orange

Referees who never visited a gym in their lifetime

Adidas shoulder bags

Match tickets that were a work of art

Brains dark, Felinfoel, Buckleys clarkeys pies, chip alley

Rugby special on a Sunday

Frank Bough on Grandstand


Jean Pierre Rives with more “claret” on his shirt than a Bordeaux bar owner

Whatever your nationality and allegiance, the 2023 tournament is only days away, so have a good one.


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