Paradise Lost And Found In The Garden Of Eden

A day for searching for Paradise in the garden of Eden or perhaps a more earthly shangri la,an imaginary, beautiful place, often far away, where everything is pleasant and you can get everything you want.

A test series win was almost touchable for the British & Irish Lions heading into the third and deciding test in Auckland.

The imagined nearly became reality for the Lions at Eden Park, but paradise is a pretty elusive beast.

At 67 minutes it looked like paradise lost as Beauden Barrett kicked a simple penalty to put the All Blacks in front at 15-13, yet ten minutes later it became paradise found as Owen Farrell’s right boot brought the scores level at 15-15 with 77:26 on the clock.

A series drawn, but in the cold light of day a huge achievement for the men in red, to play the best in the world three times in three weeks and only lose once is quite a feat.

In the process the Lions have been saved, they can surely no longer be an endagered species, on social media tweets about fans saving up for South Africa in 2021 are already in abundence.

Who knows even the money men of the English Premiership may be swayed to assist the Lions in their preparation for future tours, although that is a clash perhaps even more daunting than a NZ test series.

For now we can sit back and bask in the warm glow of a drawn series where there was one clear and undisputed winner.. the wonderful game of rugby.

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