Spain Sets Out Legal Case For Independent Review

FER calls for an independent committee to review the Belgium-Spain

The arguments on which based the Spanish Rugby Federation (FER) claim for allegedly intentionally partial arbitration of the Romanian Vlad Iordaschescu in the match Belgium – Spain, played last March 18 in Brussels, are as follows:

Ethics of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) by failing to respect the impartiality, objectivity and independence in the appointment of three arbitrators of the meeting.

2. Violation of Article 6 of the Code of Ethics of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to have allowed these appointments Romanian referees who will emerge a conflict of interest because if Belgium won the match, Romania qualified for the World Championship 2019 .

3. So this because Rugby Europe, in Article 1.3.5. of its statutes, it is obliged to enforce and defend the Olympic Charter.

4. Breach of Article 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights by not been an independent and impartial judge in the meeting. Two of the three referees have economic and / or wage relationship with the Romanian Rugby Federation.

5. Violation of Regulation 18.1.3 of World Rugby (WR), power form the performance of the referee a clear prejudice to the interests and image of World Rugby. This behavior is collected in a documentary video test with 19 sequences of decisions made by the referee or were sanctions against Team Spain without having been violations of the rules or were violations of the Belgian team that were not sanctioned .

Therefore, it has it requested that an independent committee of arbitrators (not be worth those who have participated in the nomination and appointment of three arbitrators to be contaminated) revise the arbitration proceedings and in accordance with the assessment made decided by the body competent again play the match Belgium – Spain. This reliance on the Regulation 18.6.1.b) World Rugby.

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