Wales Dig Themselves A Hole In Dublin

The world of walking football is rocked with scandal this morning as it emerges Wales yellows over 60s fielded an illegible player in a marquee tournament in Dublin last weekend.

Suspicions were aroused on the morning of the game when the match day squad was announced with Gary Holt named as a substitute.

Greg Hole a veteran Wales international was left dumbfounded as it was expected he would be included in the original line up.

It is a little known fact that Gary Holt played for Juventus whilst the less illustrious but equally flamboyant Greg Hole played for Fray Bentos before the horse meat scandal ended his full time career.

To confuse matters further Greg Hole was spotted in the Irish capital the previous weekend staggering uncontrollably in Temple Bar shouting obscenities regarding the cost of his hotel room.

Team manager Martin Ransom refused to comment but the squad psychologist Hedley Austin OBE had this to say

“I’m not really interested in the selection trivialities all I know is a squad member ordered a Caesar salad and instead ate a cheeseburger at TGI Friday’s as far as I’m concerned this is the thin end of wedge and a spicy skin on wedge at that, I will be referring that matter to UEFA and I expect there will be severe repercussions”.

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