RWC 2015 The Party Is Over

So, the party is finally over, the black sacks have been filled and piled up outside ready for collection, and the hangover is massive.

For six weeks we have gorged and been intoxicated, and now, somehow we have to sober up.

Some of the guests didn’t stay very long, others lingered and finally slumped off home, and some stayed right till the bitter end.

Our favourite guests Japan have invited us to their house in 2019, so bring a bottle !

As parties go, this was the best, there are so many moments we will never forget, the aforementioned Japan beating the mighty Springboks in   Sunny Brighton, Sonny Bill Wiliams putting himself in line for a Vatican appointment with his sportsmanship and genuine humanity, and Wales blowing the annual NHS budget on ambulance journeys alone.

The fans, the volunteers , the sunshine, the ball in the wall in Cardiff ,how we miss it all, it’s so bad I even miss John Inverdale, or John Englandverdale, as social media re named him.

My only gripe is that dreadful bronze match, why oh why does that take place, just give both losing semi finalists a bronze medal and declare them joint third place.

Losing in a semi final is the pits and to get yourself up for another international with a four day turnaround, in Argentina’s case ,was almost a case for the European court of human rights.

It all ended a week ago and it seems like a lifetime doesn’t it ?

I find it no coincidence that since the final ended,last Saturday,we have literally had no sunshine where I live.

Thanks everyone for making the tournament so great here is my personal list of closing credits to those who made it so special for me

Adam Jones

Stephen Jones

Jamie Freeland

Doggy Bonar

Daniel Razza

Nigel Owens

Costa Coffee

Springbok fans at Wales v South Africa Twickenham

Daniel Craig

Gareth Bale

Mr J Wilkinson

Bob Skinstad

South West Trains

Evolution Battersea


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