Moth Of The Day Quotes From The Euro 2016 Final

To be fair I was over the moon when the gaffer asked me to do a moth to man marking job on Ronaldo, I normally play a more floating role, I’m a bit of a flier so I often switch wings.

We couldn’t believe it, me and the lads we came for a warm up the night before the game and they had left all the lights on at the Stade de France it was a dream come true.

To be honest we haven’t forgiven Collina for an incident at a champions league match years ago,  the whole team, pictured here were determined to put things right and his bald head shining  made him an easy target.

Here I am, pictured right, a victim of a late one handed swat early doors from Pepe, Clattenberg didn’t even show him a yellow. 

Ever since I was a caterpillar I’ve dreamt of appearing in a major final, here I am about to reduce the great Cristiano Ronaldo to tears got him in a right flap I did ! I’m much better at diving than he is.


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