2017 Another Big Year For Alhambra Nievas

As years go, 2016 couldn’t have gone much better for the “Andalusian Arbitro”

Big matches, big awards, a host of television and radio appearances you name it Alhambra did it in 2016.

Never one to say to no any opportunity to promote the game and it’s values she must have been close to exhaustion by the end of the year.

A family holiday to Cuba has recharged her batteries and she is raring to go in a 2017 that brings a host of domestic and international events.

2017 started with a photo shoot for her sponsors  Canterbury, as they launched their new six nations clothing range 

The Canterbury 6 Nations Clothing Launch

I caught up with her the day before she was due to fly to Japan.

Already her diary is full of interviews, she is providing expert analysis for Moviestar’s television coverage of the six nations, and more awards are coming her way on an almost weekly basis.

Still unspoilt by all the adulation and recognition she has received, the same modest and friendly Andalusian continues to champion the cause of women’s rugby of rugby values, and proves that nice decent people can get to the very top without upsetting or walking all over others to get there.

Alhambra is in danger of becoming an Irish citizen by the end of the year due to the amount of time she will be spending in the Emerald Isle.

On March 17, St Patrick’s day, she will referee the final women’s 6 nations match of this years tournament, between Ireland and England, potentially the tournament decider.

Then in August the Women’s rugby World Cup takes place in Dublin and Belfast.

Such is her modesty that she will not even consider the tournament until she has been officially selected by World rugby.

The final takes place at the Kingspan stadium in Belfast, on Saturday 26 August, and Alhambra will be one of the contenders to officiate unless of course Spain get to the final.

Kingspan Stadium Belfast

Most of her awards now reside at her family home in Granada, her friends tease her that her mother and father will need a bigger house to keep them all in, but whilst Alhambra is deeply grateful for the recognition, it is memories, momentos, family, friends and the love and values of rugby that matter to her. (and of course a siesta which are few and far between theses days).


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