The Isolation Game

Nice to see you to see you nice ! Life is the name of the game and I want to play the game with you.

The words of the intro music to The Generation Game an old Saturday tea time BBC show that families gathered around the TV to watch with the national treasure Bruce Forsyth presenting.

These last few weeks life really has been the name of the game and the prize for carrying out the simple act of staying at home, yet even with these massive stakes some folks still don’t get it.

My black lab is delighted with the lockdown, having sat through rugby re-runs from dawn to dusk he is in constant contact with the RSPCA.

It’s difficult to think of rugby at this time when you are getting daily death figures that seem staggering, frightening and unbelievable.

Writing has become a chore when all I really can think about is the safety of my family and friends.

To all of you I say, somewhere at the end of all this there will be rugby but I would rather you were all around and in good health when that day comes.

So please stay safe there are awful lot of hugs that are on hold for when all this over.


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