Up And Running Scotland v Wales


Wales is a happier place this morning, the tortured memories of the dark night at the millennium,can now be replaced by images of hoards of smiling red shirted “Warrior’s” heading to Edinburgh airport, or Waverley station, with a spring in their step.

The long journey home from the glens to the hillsides will be filled with tales, and laughter, and many sore heads, no doubt.

There is no analysis this morning, just relief, watching the last few minutes through my fingers, as is the case with most Wales matches, I would have hidden behind the sofa, but I didn’t want to disturb the cat..

Enjoy this moment, we now have a two-week break before the next round of matches, so we can bask in the temporary tranquillity of body and mind that winning a game brings.

Supporting Wales is not for the faint hearted, but that’s why we love our boys in red, we Welsh are not for the simple easy way of doing things, we like a bit of “cachu” in our lives it spurs us on.

So get the papers, read about the win, have a safe journey home, and see you in two weeks for more hand wringing torture in the Stade de France.


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