When Saturday Comes

So we’re here already, the last weekend of the RBS 6 Nations 2015 is only a day and a half away, I guess the things you look forward to the most, are the things that pass by the quickest.

It only seems a blink of an eye since christmas was in its final throes, and there was the mouth-watering prospect of an opening night Wales v England fixture to look forward to, in Cardiff.

As a Welshman the past six weeks have brought about the usual roller coaster of emotions, that are a pre-requisite supporting the men in red.

We have gone through the despair of Cardiff, the relief of Murrayfield, the joys of Paris, and the utter unadulterated ecstasy of Beating Ireland at the Millennium Stadium.

I know I am getting old, because each tournament passes by more and more quickly as each year comes and goes.

Next week we will all be feeling that dreadful post 6 Nations emptiness, thank goodness we have the Rugby World Cup to look forward to.

Every tournament leaves each of us with a memory to treasure, downloaded into the memory bank to go with all the others from years past.

Whether it be the Jonathan Davies hand off against Ireland’s Johnny Sextonhqdefault

Jonathan Joseph’s try against Wales


Or Basteraud and Sexton’s head to head in Dublin


And there are many many more memories, games won and lost, friendships made which will last a lifetime, and the hope that we will all be spared to do it all again next year.

So enjoy the tension and uncertainty of the final Saturday of this wonderful tournament, and really there is only one winner, this wonderful game that we all love


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