Barbarians v Samoa Confession Time


Ok , so I’m about to get kicked out of journalism school, if was even allowed admission in the first place !

Rule one,  watch the game you’re reporting on, the game you are attending……,,, FAILED !


Let me explain , I am Welsh, now for some people that is reason enough, but let me continue.

I decided to set up my iPad in the corner  of my place in the press box, to keep half an eye on Ireland v Wales in Dublin, you see underneath this journalistic front is a basic no nonsense Wales fan, I got so engrossed in Wales wonderful display ,that my report headed toward the horizon with its bottom on fire


The Olympic stadium itself looked a great venue , early problems with wifi were soon overtaken by the pitch sprinkler system, these problems will be rectified by the time the Rugby World Cup starts ,but fans complained that the venue ran out of beer, and there was nowhere to get a coffee

So if I get expelled from journalism school , thank you for your following, and in the mean time, here are some photos of the sprinkler system going mental

Oh by the way the Barbarians won 27-24 I think !


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