My World Cup Injury Nightmare



Ok so the words Welsh  rugby and ambulance (or ambiwlans if you are Welsh speaking) have been the most used nouns since all eyes focused on RWC 2015 , but I would like to tell you the tale of my personal battles which have not received the headlines they deserve

It all started at my pre tournament training camp in Barcelona the week before the tournament started .

The waiter at the cafe was not exactly the Richie Mccaw of personal hygiene, and whilst suffering from some form of severe bronchial disorder ,managed  to infect me,via my morning croissants, with the most horrendous dose of man flu.

I attempted to to nip this in the bud through extremely high doses of  cortados, bacalao omelettes and Madeleines.

The self administration of anti biotics I found the bottom of my wash bag propelled me in the road to recovery.

Despite concerns, I managed to get through the full eighty minutes of the Uruguay match ,although I was not severely tested to be honest.

I was starting to feel good, and even got through an interview with Adam Jones in a London eye capsule high above the city ,as part of my altitude training.

But in true Welsh style worse was yet to come.

Monday morning arrived, and as people of my age will know ,every action involving bending is accompanied by a corresponding groan .

The process of getting dressed for me sounds like a soundtrack to the Haka these days .

Anyway ,I had reached the socks moment, to be precise I had over reached the socks moment  the pelvis shifted and there was a clicking of the lower back , I  felt my World Cup was over.

Now unlike the national team , I do not have the expertise and medical back up that they enjoy, so it was up to me to be disciplined and follow the tried and trusted regime of the pound shops ibuprofen gel together with fruit and nut chocolate.

I had to sit out the the Wales v England match although there was a miracle moment when I arose like Lazarus from the sofa, as Gareth Davies dived under the posts for the winning try.

The Fiji and Australia games have seen an improvement, but I may be too late for his tournament, unless Wales make the semi finals

So I may have to cling to hopes of Japan 2019 for a full tournament injury free.

Thank goodness for the one bit of kit that has got me through the tough rehab.

State of the art medical equipment does not come cheap, but without my Nepresso machine I would never have made it

So here’s hoping for  Wales win against the Springboks as I just might be fully fit for the semi final.


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