Wales have the ghost of a chance against Australia

 Things have been going bump in the night in darkest Surrey this Week.

There have been spooky goings on , with players revealing  they have seen a ghost at their Oatlands Park hotel, in Weybridge.

In room 1313, Dan Lydiate claims to have seen Henry Viii ! Of course it could have been Warren Gatland in a shower cap, and Dan did get a whack on the head against Fiji.

His room mate Sam Warburton was so spooked by Dan’s late night revelations that he couldn’t get back to sleep that night.

Even more spookily the whole Welsh squad were injury free and available for selection against Australia, now that can only be achieved by mystic means.

Maybe these ghostly apparitions are a Portent, the assistance of the supernatural to overcome the demons of the last ten Wales v Australia encounters which Wales have lost by an average of 2.7 points

Having failed CSE maths I cannot corroborate this figure but it has been supplied by a reliable source.

Now I have been to Oatlands Park, and to be honest , the only frightening,and spine tingling aspect of my visit, was the size of the bill for afternoon tea.

The men in red have been haunted by the last minute defeats exacted on them by the Wallabies in recent years

So maybe come Saturday afternoon Wales will have divine assistance in their quest to bury the ghosts of those heartbreaking losses to the men in green and gold

If that happens I don’t think any of us will get much sleep on Saturday night.


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