Wales …..Where do we go from here ?


Saturday night at Twickenham did it really happen ? I don’t know about you, but to me it almost felt like an out of body experience !

Everything conspired against us, starting with Great Western Trains, or whatever they are currently called, leaving thousands to wander the A316 all through the night until Sunday morning transport became available

You will have read so much about that great win , that nothing I can offer will enrich your life any further, the rainforest of newsprint that has already been produced will suffice, and there are only so many images of Mike Browns bulging eyes and neck veins that a human being can endure.

But now it’s back to earth, and those dreadful two words that send a shudder through every Welsh persons  colon…. Pacific Islanders !

Fiji in four days time and as another ambulance heads off into the sunset we have called up yet more replacements ,and we have only played two pool games.

If we get to the quarter finals Katherine Jenkins might have to shore up the scrum.

Anyway… Pacific Islanders…. We don’t really do them do we ? Maybe our Atlantic coastline has created some sort of cosmic backlash against our opposing ocean.

Western Samoa, Manu Samoa and Fiji have all ruined Rugby World Cups for Wales, their hard hitting style has got the junior doctors, at the Heath,rubbing their hands with glee at the prospect of hours of overtime on Thursday night.

This is how it should all pan out:

Wales beat Fiji with a bonus point win on Thursday ,and no injuries ,followed by Australia beating England on Saturday night, ensuring Wales qualify for the quarter finals.

So with a week to spare we can relax and enjoy the glory, in tranquil manner before facing the Wallabies to decide who tops the group.

If you are a Wales fan then you know the chances of this happening fall into two categories 1. Slim and 2. No.

So my friends it’s never dull following Wales,  maybe there’s a masochistic gene in us all so whatever happens from here on in, we will always have the A316 and last Saturday night.


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