The Blues And The Quins Just What The Doctor Ordered

A dead leg received, after only 23 seconds of the Varsity match, forced Jamie Roberts into a half time withdrawal from the fray of the 134th showdown between the Blues.

The other guy came off much worse, Oxford captain Henry Lamont was knocked unconscious and had to leave the field in the first minute.

Jamie Roberts was certainly the centre of attention, as 25,013 folk flocked to Twickenham to enjoy this historical pre Christmas rugby treat.

The Wales icon is undertaking a two year masters degree in medical science, and after spending the Michaelmas term at Queens College, he will now continue his studies, on a part time basis, as he returns to professional rugby with Harlequins.

The defeat as you can imagine did not sit well with the good doctor.

“The boys are pretty devastated and you could see some of the lads with tears in their eyes at the end. You can appreciate how much it means to them”

He went on to say, “It was a pretty disappointing day for us, but it has been a wonderful experience. I have thoroughly enjoyed the last few months, getting back to studying and to play in a match of this calibre was a huge honour”

“It’s a one off in my career, and I will will go in on Monday morning and start the Harlequins journey, and hopefully it is a special one”

As an aside Jamie was the first player onto the field to warm up and the first to applaud the victorious Cambridge women’s team as they performed their lap of honour.

A pretty decent bloke all round is our Jamie.


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