Those We Have Lost In 2016

Sadly the rugby family has had to say a lot of farewells this year, to both young and old.

We remember them with fondness and respct, and hope that the 2017 list is an extremely short one.


Anthony Foley   Aged 42   Ireland

Seb Adeniran Olule   Aged 20   (Harlequins)

Alastair Biggar   Aged 69   Scotland and British Lions

John Gwilliam  Aged 93     Wales

Fran Ten Bos   Aged 79   Scotland

Seru Rabeini   Aged 37  Fiji

Dickie Jeeps   Aged 84   England and British Lions


Don Rutherford  Aged 79   England and British Lions


Norman Hadley   Aged 51   Canada

John Cannon Aged 35  Canada

Gareth Griffiths Aged 85  Wales and British Lions

Roddy Evans Aged    Wales and British Lions  

Segi Hirao   Aged 53   Japan


Walter Argus  Aged 95  New Zealand

Chilla Wilson  Aged 85   Australia

Peter Johnson  Aged 78  Australia

Gordon Strachan Aged 68  Scotland

Martin Roberts  Aged 48  Gloucester

Hurtis Haiu  Aged 31   Auckland







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