Harlequins Ladies And The Never Ending Seasons

It’s now been a week since Harlequins Ladies defeat to Saracens in the Tyrrells Premier Final at Franklins Gardens.

I’ve watched the match on you tube countless times this week, and the final score still won’t change, but I will keep on repeating the process until it does.

For players and staff thoughts have already turned to next season, one hopes the Barbarians team to face England women On June 2 will contain a few Quins, the Red Roses side most certainly will, before a bunch of them head off to San Diego to play in the Women’s World Series starting in late June, where England will face the world’s best.

So as we say goodbye to the 2018/19 season it is worth mentioning some facts about Quins Tyrrells premiership season that will either entertain you, or send you to sleep, so either way it’s a win-win for every reader.

For Harlequins Ladies pre season training is just a matter of weeks away, in reality the seasons are never ending these days, there is no doubt they have entertained and inspired rugby lovers of all ages, and they have done it with a smile on their faces, long May that continue.


Played 20 Won 15 Drawn 1 Lost 3


  • Quins recorded 10 straight wins between 29 September 2018 and 12 January 2019.
  • Quins first try of the season was a penalty try against Gloucester-Hartbury 10 mins into the opening game of the season.
  • Emily Scot played in 17 of the 18 league matches.
  • Quins are unbeaten at home since 3 December 2017.
  • Quins scored 14 points in the final four minutes (Ellie Green scoring 9) to draw with Bristol Bears after being 26-0 down at half time.
  • Rachael Burford scored a try in the first and last matches of the season.
  • Heather Cowell scored a hat trick in 11 minutes against Bristol  (21,29 & 32 minutes)
  • Quins were the only team to beat Saracens in 2018/19 (20-17 at the Stoop 20/10/18).



  • Heather Cowell   20
  • Jade Konkel   11
  • Davinia Catlin   10
  • Shaunagh Brown   8
  • Leanne Riley   8
  • Emily Scott   8
  • Fiona Fletcher   7
  • Jess Breach   6
  • Chloe Edwards   4
  • Chloe Butler   4
  • Vickii Cornborough   4
  • Lucy Packer   4
  • Penalty Tries   3
  • Bethany Wilcock   3
  • Georgia Newman   3
  • Rachael Burford   3
  • Beth Dainton   2
  • Katy Mew   1
  • Ellie Green   1
  • Stacey White   1
  • Zoe Saynor   1
  • Deborah McCormack   1
  • Charlie Wellbelove   1
  • Tove Viksten   1
  • Sarah Cornforth   1
  • Kristine Sommer   1
  • Leah Lyons   1
  • Jade Mullen   1
  • Sam McCarthy   1



  • Deborah McCormack   Scotland
  • Jade Konkel   Scotland
  • Leah Lyons   Ireland
  • Emily Scott   England
  • Jess Breach   England
  • Abbie Scott   England
  • Shaunagh Brown   England
  • Leanne Riley   England
  • Vickii Cornborough   England
  • Rachael Burford   England
  • Kristine Sommer   USA
  • Ellie Green   England U20
  • Chloe Edwards   England U20
  • Beth Dainton   Army
  • Alex Hardy   Army
  • Jade Mullen   Army
  • Bev Gilbert   Army
  • Victoria Peterssen   Sweden
  • Tove Viksten   Sweden


  • Rachael Burford achieved her 80th England cap in 2018/19
  • Deborah McCormack earned her 30th Scotland cap in 2018/19 against France in Lille
  • Abbie Scott captained England against Wales in Cardiff in the 2019 Six Nations
  • Jess Breach was top try scorer in the Six Nations with 9 tries for England

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