Shaun Le Chic

Is it my imagination or is Shaun Edwards smiling a lot more these days, the three feathers on his chest have been replaced by a cockerel and maybe the French joire de vivre has entered his soul.

Already a folk hero across la manche he is grasping the language quicker than any rush defence he has coached, his charges have already defeated “le rosbif” he coudnt have got off to a much better start.

On Saturday he comes home, well one of his homes, it’s Wales not Wigan, and the welcome as you can well imagine will be released from the hillsides like a tidal wave.

The roar he receives as France warm up will be a special one, the one Welsh fans don’t dish out lightly, the roar that is reserved for the very special ones and brand new water boys.


“I’ve always had the belief that 15 minutes of practice is worth an hour of talking and if I’m honest even when I coach in English I only use three or four words at a time.” The trick, he says, is “to say ’em loud”.

“The people there were so good to me and gave me so much support, which was something I’d never really had in my career before. The fans gave you nothing but encouragement and some of the relationships I made there go well beyond the game.”

His only regret is “we were never able to give them that ultimate game, the World Cup final.” They were so close, too, only one point away in 2011, three points away in Japan in 2019.

“Anyone who says they don’t get emotional for the Six Nations must have something wrong with them. It’s just an amazing competition and it’s one I love to be involved in. It’s my favourite by a distance, because I love that feeling of the whole country stopping to watch rugby”.

With so much at stake Wales v France on Saturday will bring large parts of both countries to a standstill, it promises to be a cracking game, and whatever storm is due next weekend, there will be perfect conditions under the roof in Cardiff.

A Bientot


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