What A Good Year For The Roses

This weeks Roar is dedicated to Benji.

I’m not sure if Elvis Costello is a rugby fan, and even if he is he may have been too busy “watching the detectives” to have found time to be at the Stoop Yesterday,

The bruised and battered Welsh women would have found the lyrics to his composition “What a good year for the Roses” very apt.

What a good year for the Roses

Many blooms still linger there

The lawn could stand another mowin

Funny I don’t even care

As you turn to walk away

As the door behind you closes

The only thing I have to say

It’s been a good year for the Roses” 


This bunch of Red Roses continue to bloom through the winter’s wind and rain, and all the storms beginning with the letters A to J that have so far battered and the 2020 Six Nations tournament.

Fortunately the alphabetical storm index was not required at the Stoop yesterday, as the sun broke through the clouds to enable a record crowd of 10.974 to use their antiseptic hand gel in meteorological comfort.

This ground is Leanne Riley territory, the effervescent scrum half, and the heartbeat of Harlequins and England has strutted her stuff here for what seems like an eternity, and yesterday her service was better that Rafa Nadal’s, she was instrumental in the Red Rose bouquet of ten tries


Ironically it was a Poppy that stole the headlines, Poppy Cleall scored a hat trick of tries, the 27 year old Saracens was in blistering form.

Wales to their credit never gave up, but they were constantly holding back a white tidal wave that eventually battered them against the rocks, even “Oliver’s Army” couldn’t have stemmed the English tide.

It seems that only the corona virus can prevent an England Grand Slam, one thing is for sure, the winning habit has become infectious for the Red Roses.


I would like to dedicate this article to Benji sleep peacefully gorgeous boy.



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