The Italian Job And Days Like These

“See Rome and Die” A quote echoing the bloody history of the eternal city where your life expectancy was pretty  limited, unless of course you happened to be Russell Crowe, and a place where you literally had to fight for your life.

 The equivalent Welsh venue in the 1970’s was probably the Top Rank night club in Swansea on a Saturday night, Caligula would have felt quite at home there.

Of course the legendary Welsh teams of that era never had to contend with Italy on the way to their illustrious Grand Slams, but how Gareth, Barry and JPR would have enjoyed a Saturday night in Rome.

Negotiate the Italian job on Saturday and Wales will face France in Paris with a 13th Grand slam at stake.

With just the odd blip the men in red have more often than not come out on top against the Azzuri, and so far this tournament there has been nothing to suggest the likelihood of an Italian win.

Wales will be fighting for the right to play for their … Grand Slam and when in Rome will be hoping to not only blow the bloody doors off , but also bring the house down, and with the youthful exuberance of Rees-Zammit and Sheedy, hopes of a bonus point win are realistic and indeed expected.

Wayne Pivac announces his team on Thursday, and will sure go fully loaded, but perhaps resting Biggar and Falatau.

Sadly yet again there will be no fans at the majestic Stadio Olympico, shirt sleeved factor 50 coated Welsh fans will be absent, not a case of “See Rome and Dai” as is the usual case for this biannual pilgrimage.

For Wales a taste of La Dolce Vita is just 160 minutes of game time away, a potential Grand Slam that seemed unthinkable at the start of the tournament is within touching distance, and as Matt Monro sang in the theme to the motion picture “The Italian Job”

“In questi giorni quando arriva il bel sole”


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