The Last Supper In Saint-Denis

The 2021 Guinness Six Nations finally came to an end last night in Saint-Denis, a commune in the northern suburbs of Paris, located 9.4 km from the city centre.

The area known for its crime, has extremely high rates of robbery, drug offences and murder. The mugging that took place a week ago when France beat Wales inside the Stade de France is still being investigated.

Saint-Denis is twinned with Nazareth in Israel, and even their famous carpenter’s son would have been astounded at the events that have occurred here over the last seven days.

Maybe there was some divine intervention, not quite baguettes and fishes level, but Scotland performed miracles that the main man would have been proud of.

For us Welsh it was a strange experience, with five minutes to go we knew the title was ours, yet such was the bravery and determination of the Tartan terriers, we found ourselves shouting ourselves hoarse as Scotland pounded the French line with the clock in the red, that winning try was something very special to take homeward and think of again and again and again.

What a tournament it has been, from the opening day it has brought us controversy, excitement, upset and some wonderful rugby.

It has distracted us from the horrors of a global pandemic, and the last two Friday nights have pushed my blood pressure up to levels I never thought possible.

I hope and pray that we are all spared to do it again next year in packed stadiums, and for Scots fans travelling to Cardiff in 2022, you are guaranteed the warmest of warm welcomes and thank you again for making an old man very happy.


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