Do Us A Favour Scotland

France v Scotland might well have been considered something of a Six Nations afterthought had results gone in another direction last Saturday.

But on Friday night at some ungodly hour in Paris, the winners of the 2021 Guinness Six Nations will be decided at Stade de France.

Les Bleus will be playing in white, but they have no intention of surrendering their title hopes after a heart stopping win over Wales last weekend.

I’m still getting flashbacks, especially in the still of a dark night, when in the silence I can hear the collective cries of a Welsh nation, it will take some considerable time, and an awful lot of counselling, to put this behind us.

So the first step on the road to recovery could be provided by our friends in the North, after all we helped them win the 1999 Five Nations, by beating England at Wembley, so we’re calling in a favour.

The Maffia may make you an offer you can’t refuse, but the Taffia will make you an offer you can’t understand.

We are not even asking you to beat the French, just limit them to 3 tries, or don’t lose by more than 20 points, the choice is yours, it’s not too much to ask is it ?.

If Scotland win, draw or just stop France scoring four tries, then Wales are champions.

France are hot favourites, but as Robert Burns once wrote;

There is no such uncertainty as a sure thing”.

I’m not sure I can take another gut wrenching 80+ minutes of white knuckle rugby, but with the Welsh, this sort of stuff comes with the territory.

So please everybody channel your inner Mel Gibson, Lulu, and Sean Connery and if you can help us out, I guarantee when you come to Cardiff for the 2022 Six Nations you will receive a welcome like no other.

Alba an Àigh.


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