The New Italian Renaissance

The Italian Renaissance period was a revival of the ideals and culture lost during previous years of war, as well as a resurgence in the various social and political differences within Europe during the Medieval age. This revival led to a complete shift in perspectives – quite literally and figuratively – in Italian art and culture. Overall, it was a new time for Europe, and it became a period of history that would live on for ages to come.

Italy’s rugby renaissance has been slow in coming, but over the last twelve months the Azzuri artists are beginning to display their considerable talents.

If Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni known as Michelangelo was the Italian sculptor, painter, architect, and poet of the High Renaissance, then Ange Capuozzo must surely be his rugby equivalent.

In a game obsessed with size and big hits this 5ft 10 inch 12 stone full back/Wing is a wonderful breath of fresh air.

Ange Capuozzo was born on 30 April 1999 in Le Pont-de-Claix on the outskirts of Grenoble to French parents. His father is of Italian descent with paternal grandparents from the Naples area where they settled after the Second World War as Children. Capuozzo’s maternal grandfather is from Madagascar and his maternal grandmother is French. So he had multiple options when it came to representative honours.

With a face as angelic as one of Raphael’s cherubs, Cappuozzo tried to bring his light artistic brushstrokes to Twickenham, but it was a day when the emulsion and heavy roller boys in white took centre stage and his masterpieces were kept under wraps.

England with a new coaching team are starting with a blank canvas and very much went back to basics, Italy were starved of ball and physically dominated by the English pack.

Three first half tries all from England forwards gave them a 19-0 lead which they never looked like relinquishing.

The visitors did supply some bright blue moments under the damp murky grey skies with two second half tries but England’s power kept them at arms length.

This victory will provide the undercoat for England’s tasty visit to the Principality Stadium in a couple of weeks time where Wales will be hoping and praying for a victory, whoever wins that one will certainly paint the town red.

But for now as the Sunday congregation filed out of their sporting cathedral alongside the A316 it was time to cherish a victory, which unless you are Irish or Scottish is something that is extremely hard to come by in this brutal Guinness Six Nations Championship.


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