The Colour Red

red card

In Ancient Rome the colour red symbolised blood and courage, whilst in China, it is regarded as a vibrant optimistic colour symbolising success, happiness and warmth, along with good luck and wealth.

In Wales the colour red has been a symbol of our nationality, and heritage, the Red Dragon on our national flag, the red shirted heroes of our national rugby team.

But on a damp night at Eden Park, Auckland, on 15 October 2011, the colour red came to symbolise the end of a glorious dream, the cruel twist of fate that cost Wales the place in a Rugby World Cup final for the first time in their history.

With Nineteen minutes on the clock, Sam Warburton upended France’ Vincent Clerc, referee Alain Rolland pulled a card from his pocket, the colour ? Red.

Disbelief, anger, sadness, helplessness emotions we all felt as a result of that colour red.

As Sam sat hunched near the touchline, holding back the tears, swathed in his tracksuit top, the colour red, the colour symbolised a young man showing dignity in the face of adversity, in the biggest game of his, and his country’s life

Maybe the colour red will, on 26 February , be the colour in which we Welsh will paint the town 


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