The Dream Varsity Match


As the 2019 Varsity match approaches, I have selected two teams to play in the “Dream varsity match”.

Everyone one selected is an international player who took part in a Varsity match during their playing career

Some great names here, and an awful lot of great names have also been omitted

The referee for this match, the one and only Clive Norling, who graced the varsity match on more than one occasion.


15  Hugo Macneill (Ireland)

14 Simon Danielli (Scotland)

13 Brendan Mullin (Ireland)

12 Simon Halliday (England)

11 Joe Roff (Australia)

10 Stuart Barnes (England)

9 David Kirk (New Zealand)

1  Victor Obogu (England)

2 Anton Oliver (New Zealand)

3 Kevin Tkachuk (Canada)

4 Nick Mallett (South Africa)

5 Bill Calcraft (Australia)

6 Peter Dixon (England)

8 Dugald Macdonald (South Africa)

7 Tony Bucknall (England)

Cambridge University

15 Gavin Hastings (Scotland)

14 Gerald (TGR) Davies (Wales)

13 Mike Gibson (Ireland)

12 Jamie Roberts (Wales)

11 Tony Underwood (England & Easyjet)

10 Rob Andrew (England)

9 John Robbie (Ireland)

1 Roger Michaelson (Wales)

2 John Gwilliam (Wales)

3 Mickey Steele-Bodger (England)

4 Paul Ackford (England)

5 Brian Thomas (Wales)

6 Rob Wainwright (Scotland)

8 Eddie Butler (Wales)

7 Simon Holmes (Scotland)


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