SportsDragons Monday Roar Sporting Colours Of Flaming June

All hail this great summer of sport, well to be accurate it’s actually hail, wind and rain at the moment.

June is not even half way through, and already there has been an awful lot of memorable sporting action to digest

I seem to have entered a twilight world of non stop sport this month,  I’m not sure quite what’s happening to me, Ive leapt up from my sofa as Iceland equalised against Portugal, I’ve sighed dejectedly, and hung my head in my hands, as Albania failed to hang on for just one more minute, to claim a draw against host nation France in Marseille, strange days indeed.

For me Euro 2016 is “Its a Knock Out” with the unwelcome added ingredient of crowd violence, the beautiful cities of France providing a glorious backdrop to the sporting action, (we will gloss over Marseille).

Flaming June is over the half way mark, and the bright warm orange colours of summer have yet to show their beauty, as Spring is reluctant to give up its meteorological hold on us.

But we have seen in contrast plenty of blue, the colour of the spectators hands and feet at Roland Garros, throughout the freezing cold and wet tournament in Paris, where the only warmth was provided by the sunny smile of Garbine Muguruzza, after she defeated Serena Williams to win the French open women’s title.

This last week, the colour red has been the dominant hue

We had Red faces in Hamilton, after Wales were humiliated by the Chiefs, an Irish Red card in Cape Town, yet even that did not stop the men in green from gaining an historic win over the Springboks, and the Red Dragons awoke from a fifty-eight year hibernation, to roar majestically in Bordeaux.

Incidentally, the colour red also reflects the state of my bank account, due to the purchases of Panini stickers, rugby programmes, newspapers and magazines this month.

If you are Welsh, then all colour would have drained from your cheeks during this last sporting week.

Whatever the sport, we in Wales do last-minute defeats better than any other country in the world.

What we would give to be able to enjoy the last ten minutes of a sporting encounter, without having to check our systolic and diastolic rates repeatedly, and defeats in Manchester and Lens this last week have only added to the back catalogue of defeats suffered in this heart breaking manner.

Wales Under 20s were leading New Zealand into the final minute, and there were ninety seconds left in the Euro 2016 match between England and Wales, when our faces turned from red to white, as the opposition achieved a vital score to snatch themselves a favourable result.

In the Southern Hemisphere winter has arrived, and the beaches of Australia and New Zealand have seen plenty of pasty British bodies, due to the unseasonal warmth, but nothing compares to the heat the Wallabies have had to endure, as an uncontrollable white tide washed away their hopes.

The tide in New Zealand had been flat calm, but there were a few waves, and a fair bit of swell for sixty minutes in Auckland before the storm passed.

In windy Wellington the All Blacks blew away Wales, in a second half period of ten minutes, before a red sky lit up the damp dewy night, during the last fifteen minutes of a hard-hitting  pacey test match.

But, as the New Zealand press reported “Dai Hard 28” was a victory to New Zealand.

So as we enter the final throes of June there is still an awful lot of rugby, and plenty of other sporting action to be played.

The forecast for next week ranges from a deep depression sweeping in from the south  to a massive high centering over parts of the British Isles, it all depends on your team , your sport and your results

I think I’d better take a brolly !


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