WRWC Final 2017 Roses & Ferns Blooming Marvellous !

Cyathea Medullaris and Rosales were nearly everyone’s predictions for the women’s World Cup final participants at the start of the tournement.

Or to give them their non scientific names, Black Ferns and Red Roses, a final that could be described as a horticulturalists dream.

But there are startling similarities between the rugby and flora aspects of both.

The Black Fern can grow quite large, block out Roses and will take advantage of any open space regardless of sun and shade.

Red Roses are extremely versatile, hardy (or even Amy Wilson Hardy) and can be placed in a variety of locations where they will flourish.

Planted in Dublin on August 9 they blossomed in the mixture of rain and warm sunshine that visited the Emerald Isle through the tournament, and were  hoping to reach full bloom in Belfast on Saturday night.

The Red Roses put on a magnificent first half display showing their true colours, and  put the Black Ferns well and truly in the shade.

But in an astonishing second half the Black Ferns suffocated the Red Roses, they blocked out every space and every chunk of light, and they trampled all over them causing an inevitable wilting and a 41-32 final score line.

But Roses will flourish once again, so now it is important that any required pruning takes place,that they are tended, cared for and nurtured to enable them to bloom again in early February. 


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