A Crisp Finish For Quins And The Tyrrells Premiership

As I tuck into my final packet of British Beef and Suffolk ale crisps, courtesy of Tyrrells, it has brought home to me the stark realisation that the women’s premiership season is over, and that actually it has been for some weeks, I have been in denial.

This fact fills me with sadness on two counts, no more Saturday afternoons at Surrey Sports Park for nearly four months, and perhaps even more startling, the fact that I will now have to go out and buy my own snacks, such is my state of mind I have even considered switching to Hula Hoops.

The Tyrrells Premiership began for me on a sunny Saturday afternoon last September, when I arrived at Surrey Sports Park, in Guildford, to cover Harlequins Ladies v Firwood Waterloo.

To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect, but when I discovered there was a “Starbucks” less than one hundred yards from the pitch, I knew that destiny had brought me to this place.

What I underwent that afternoon was a conversion of a totally different kind, and I was hooked professionally and personally.

Standing on the touch-line with the match only five minutes old, there was a roar, follwed by a huge gust of wind, and I was covered in dust and grass, that’s what happens when you stand too close to Jess Breach, who by the time I had recovered my eyesight had raced fifty metres to score the first try of the game.

Those who have followed my “Monday Roars” throughout the season will have no doubts where my loyalties and indeed my heart lie, they are firmly embedded in the chocolate brown, French grey, magenta and light blue shirts, but taking a wider view they are also rooted in the women’s game overall.

Many players and coaches have become friends, and good friends at that, also Starbucks profits shot up dramatically in the trading period between September 2017 and April, 2018 so much so the company are even considering fulfilling their UK tax obligations.

There is still plenty of rugby left for me to do this season, the Aviva Premiership Final, the London and Paris Sevens and some Barbarians work, but a little piece of me is counting down the days until September, and a return to Surrey Sports Park where with a latte and a notebook, I can renew my acquaintance with the Tyrrells Premier 15s, and the wonderful people who make it what it is.


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