Guinness Six Nations Launch A Mute Point

Many of us of a certain age find technology quite bewildering, coming from a time when Zoom was an ice lolly, and tik tok was the sound that a grandfather clock made on a Sunday afternoon when the whole family was cocooned in front of the telly for Rugby Special, these are dark times for a Luddite like myself.

The Six Nations is a huge challenge for everyone involved, but no one in any national squad will have to cope with the pressure I had to endure last Wednesday, when due to COVID-19 the annual tournament launch took place, on line, in a virtual capacity.

For someone who is just about fully competent in texting this was my Everest.

Earlier this season I spent around half an hour happily chatting away on a radio interview with the mute button on, so I do have some form with regard to technology ineptitude, and the prospect of incurring the wrath of Eddie Jones or Fabian Galthie in a chat room was appearing to be a realistic prospect, presuming of course I could even get passed the dizzy heights of logging on to the session correctly, which I have to admit was not a given.

As I logged on to the Six Nations site at 0900hrs things did not look good, Puccini blasted out of my iPad, not the best of starts.

One of the catchphrases of this dreadful pandemic is “The new normal”, in my case the new abnormal would be more apt. Pressing every button on my keyboard in a frantic manner I magically managed to locate the virtual area I was meant to be in.

Despite giving Alun Wyn Jones a birds eye view of my nostrils due to poor iPad camera technique the launch went fairly well.

However one piece of technology I am very comfortable with is the TV remote, in fact I would humbly regard myself as world class in this department, with the ability to flick between BBC One and Netflix in the blink of an eye.

The next few weeks give me the perfect opportunity to showcase those skills, happy viewing everyone.


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