RWC 2015 It’s Getting Closer

It’s getting nearer ! The tickets are arriving, and in some cases, actually being delivered to the correct address.
Attitude is now displaced by altitude,  as all the leading teams discover there ain’t no mountain high enough to keep them from World Cup glory ,as the training takes on planning  of D-Day  proportions to ensure maximum fitness come September

Parents wake up in a cold sweat as yet another team shirt is released at a price that would have bought you a Vauxhall Nova at the first rugby World Cup

Prince’s (Harry) and Kings (Johnny) launch tours where thousands are turning up just to look, touch or have a selfie with the Rugby World Cup trophy itself.

Is it really four years since New Zealand 2011 ? I haven’t quite recovered from losing to Fiji in RWC 2007 , yet alone even make a start at beginning to cope with Sam getting sent off in the semi final against France in 2011

We are now only 64 days from having to take on memories to last us till Japan 2019,  isn’t it time Welsh fans were given a four year sabbatical from the sleepless nights and misery that have followed us since 1987 ?

The only way to ensure that blissful state is to win the thing !

Ok I hear you… But tread softly, you are walking on my dreams


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