Trying Times As Harlequin Heather Blooms

Heather: Definition

1. A purple flowered Eurasian Heath that grows abundantly on moorland and heathland.

2. A try scoring machine that inhabits grassy areas capable of destroying any defence once in full flight.

Heather Cowell of Harlequins Ladies is having one heck of a season.

As the club prepare for a Tyrrells Premier semi final against Loughborough Lightning she finds herself the team’s top try scorer, with twenty touchdowns.

Her exploits include three hat tricks one of which was achieved in 11 minutes against Bristol on 1 December 2018, touchdowns in the 21st, 29th and 32nd minute gave her the fastest hat trick ever recorded in the Tyrrells Premiership.

Heather has already scored four tries against Loughborough Lightning this season, two in the away encounter, and two at Surrey sports park in the return match.
Another brace at the Stoop next Sunday, in the Tyrrells Premiership semi final would be most welcome.

Heather Cowell’s Twenty

1. Loughborough Lightning 78mins 22/9/18

2. Loughborough lightning  79m  22/9/18

3. Worcester Valkyries 50m. 13/10/18

4. Saracens 67m. 20/10/18

5. DMP Sharks. 24/11/18

6. Bristol 21m. 1/12/18

7. Bristol 29m. 1/12/18

8. Bristol 32m. 1/12/18

9. Loughborough lightning 6m. 8/12/18

10. Loughborough lightning 69m. 8/12/18

11. Waterloo. 12m. 15/12/18

12. Waterloo. 23m. 15/12/18

13. Waterloo. 17m. 15/12/18

14. Worcester Valkyries 9m 22/12/18

15. Worcester Valkyries 20m 22/12/18

16. Saracens. 31m. 12/1/19

17. DMP Sharks 4m. 23/3/19

18. DMP Sharks. 38m. 23/3/19

19. DMP Sharks 45m. 23/3/19

20. Gloucester-Hartbury 14m. 30/3/19


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